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As a wayshower and light worker. I have been prepared through my journey to help you on yours during this time of transformation. Over two decades ago, when I embarked upon my spiritual path, my guides informed me that I was to go through many experiences first, to assist others in the challenging times ahead. That time is now.

My clients come from all walks of life, of varying ages and stages in their life's unfolding. What they seek is sincere assistance from an expert intuitive with ethics and integrity. Professional confidentiality is assured. As your advocate,
I use all of my sensibilities and sensitivities to forward you with appropriate information. I work with absolute honesty, diplomacy, and compassion to express what needs to be known so that it may be accepted, integrated and applied.

Believe in yourself and your intuition, come for guidance and confirmation of your own knowing. Experience a reading as unique as you are. You will receive specific information, illuminating insight, and guidance from this world and beyond.

Know that life is our teacher with each experience offering opportunities for growth. Gaining awareness and acting upon it can influence outcomes, smoothing the path ahead. A higher perspective reassures that all is truly in divine order even when it's beyond our scope.

A reading is a subjective experience for both the reader and the client open to interpretation and the unfolding of a personal timeline. It is important to be patient with the process. I have had consistent confirmation and validation on the accuracy of my predictions and advocations over the years. A recording of the session gains value in re-listening, as the reading may take an additional meaning and context over time.

Give yourself the gift of clarity and peace of mind.

An empowering, enlightening experience awaits...


Let Nanci Rose Light Your Way!