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A range of abilities are required to fulfill the full spectrum of these various modalities. Here are some of the primary abilities which Nanci Rose synthesizes into a cohesive and coherent whole:

As a clairvoyant (clear seer) Nanci Rose receives images  through "inner vision", which run like a slide show or movie on her inner screen. These images may be literal or symbolic in meaning, as context is revealed. Her "second sight" allows her to see beyond the veil, and into the other side.

Through clairaudience, she receives direct messages auditorily through "inner hearing" an essential ability for mediumship and channeling as well. For example, the line of a popular song may come through to perfectly sum up a situation.

With claircognizance, Nanci Rose has an instant "knowing" regarding situations, and an internal confirmation of information. The client may experience this themselves as a validation of their own intuition.

Clairsentience occurs on a physical sensory level with a "feeling response" as a reaction to information received or perceived.

As an empath, Nanci Rose is able to "feel what others are feeling" mentally, emotionally and physically.

Everything is energy, and can be read on a vibrational level. Specific information such as full names, dates of birth and items like business cards carry energy and have their own resonation which can be perceived.

Nanci Rose is an excellent photo reader of people, buildings, and places. Photos are like an energy hologram to her perceptions. This is the best tool that the client can provide to get the greatest benefit.

She is very strong in her ability to perceive aspects of personality, character and motivations of people beyond the mask of the persona. This is useful for evaluating and understanding the dynamics of various personal and professional relationships.

Past lives and their current impact may relate to Karmic carryovers, or lessons to be reviewed. Repetitive patterns may be healed, once the originating source is revealed.

From decades of experience, Nanci Rose has learned to fine tune her symphony of psychic sensations into an orchestrated whole. Clients are encouraged to ask specific questions related to their priorities. They will receive detailed explanations that exceed expectation.



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