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Waiting Room



Reading Room


Suite 220-222, Nickels Arcade, Ann Arbor, Mi 48104

The "sweetest suite" is like a step back somewhere in time. It is a safe and embracing space that evokes an era of ease and innocence, creating a peaceful atmosphere conducive to our work.

Suite 220-222 is located on the second floor of the north wing of Nickels Arcade. Doors to the upper levels are located by the Arcade Barbers (near Maynard Street) or by Comet Coffee (near State Street). There are two flights of stairs (25 steps) to reach the second level. (If a physical condition is an impediment, please inform so that other arrangements can be made.)

Please enter through the waiting room (Room 222), have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Please arrange your travel time appropriately so that you may arrive relaxed and receptive. You will leave enlightened and enlivened!

Food and drink permitted.

Restrooms available upon request.




Let Nanci Rose Light Your Way!




Portrait by Isa Maria