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Channeling Evening





Nanci Rose's mediumship abilities opened with the tragic transition of her brother in law, who came to her in spirit and had long animated conversations with her regarding the afterlife. Since that time, she has spoken with thousands of loved ones in spirit, connecting her clients with their beloved departed. It is gratifying to give the gift of comfort and relief, and enable the end of grieving and the beginning of true healing, secure with the knowledge that spirit truly lives on after this world.

Spirit communication takes a great deal of energy on the part of both the medium and the spirit, as telepathic communication is established. Nanci Rose is a conduit between this world and the next, acting as the "switchboard operator" to connect with dear departeds on the other side.

˜  Each contact is unique and dependent on the strength of the


˜  Emotional and feeling states, images and impressions run fast and

fleeting, like flash cards.

˜  Communication may be in the form of transmitted messages, or

˜  Directly through verbal communication, allowing for conversation

and answers to unresolved questions.

˜  Personal expressions and specific detail authenticate the


This intimate and interactive approach reunites hearts and souls, and renews faith in the eternal nature of the spirit, relaying messages of their constant presence, support, and undying love.



Let Nanci Rose Light Your Way!