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Initial Consultation

In a screened and protected reading, the intent is set so that only information for your highest good comes through. I meditate prior to each session to clear my channels. I perform prayers of protection and blessings, to bring through information that is beneficial to be known at this time.

The initial consultation is a comprehensive session, focusing on clients priorities and specific questions in the larger context of their life. Each significant subject is addressed and questions may be asked while on topic. Know that all that is desired to be known may not be covered, and may require subsequent sessions. Be open to the flow of information that spirit directs to you through me, as spirit may have another agenda.

Please expect:

˜  To receive information already known, so that subsequent

information can be trusted.

˜  To validate impressions and verify context.

˜  Linear time does not exist in the dimension of spirit, therefore -

·  Past, present and future may be difficult to distinguish

·  Big events may "loom large" making them appear close

·  Timing may be malleable and open to change

˜  As co-creators possessing free will, decisions and actions by yourself

and others may impact outcomes.

The value of a reading lies in the ability to explore potential pathways to better make an informed decision. The client has the ultimate choice and responsibility on how to use the information proffered.


To receive the maximum benefit from your session, please prepare and be in a relaxed and receptive state, with an open heart and open mind. All is in divine order, and we are on universal time. A foundation of trust facilitates communication, interpersonally and telepathically, creating a psychic bond which builds with subsequent sessions.

˜  Make a list of questions regarding topics of priority for your reading

˜  Provide full name and date of birth for self, and those of interest.

For initial consultation, include:

·  family of origin (parents/siblings)

·  current partner or family (spouse/children)

·  dearly departed

˜  Provide photos of people (living or deceased) or places that are

subjects of the session

when possible. Pictures are like energy holograms that can be read rapidly, conserving time. A clear view of faces is important as "eyes are the window to the soul." Pets and homes read well with photos.

In personal consultations, photos may be glossy or printed from computer or on electronic devices like laptops, cell phones and digital cameras.

Phone consultations may send via email or mail services.

Bring your recording device, or have Nanci Rose record for you (currently on standard tape cassette).



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