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Channeling Evening




In this time of growth and acceleration, challenge and change, how do you know if you are on the right path and making appropriate choices?

What if you could get a glimpse of the future, and the guidance now to get you there?

Nanci Rose Gerler has advised thousands of people, assisting them in times of quandary and crisis to attain a more peaceful and purposeful life. She helps define direction when the path appears obscured, giving hope and faith for the coming good. Nanci Rose illuminates the light at the end of the tunnel, so that clients are motivated to pursue their goals and achieve their destiny.

Enlist the assistance of Nanci Rose to:

˜  Find appropriate educational/career path

˜  Get innovative ideas to improve your financial situation

˜  Gain insight into interpersonal relationships

˜  Know if a romantic partner is a soulmate or a stalemate

˜  Find your lifepath and how to pursue it

˜  Explore past lives that provide insight to the present one

˜  Get guidance through channeled messages from your spiritual team

˜  Contact departed loved ones, bringing peace to heart and mind


Nanci Rose receives intuitive information through multi sensorial channels, to address life issues from the practical and personal to the spiritual and metaphysical. Though appearing easeful and effortless, it is a process of intense concentration and perception, as she discerns and interprets the meaning behind the myriad of sensations and impressions. She works at increasingly deeper levels of consciousness, employing different abilities in her roles of psychic, medium, and channel.

As a psychic, she receives information from the past, present and future which pertain to the client and the issues and individuals in their lives. As a psychic medium, she is able to communicate and converse with those in spirit beyond the world. She is a conscious channel, who places her personality aside to allow inspirational, uplifting messages and healing energies to come through from high spiritual entities.


Let Nanci Rose Light Your Way!