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Channeling Evening




Channeling/Channeling Evening

Nanci Rose is a conscious channel who is an aware participant as she brings positive communication from high vibrational spiritual entities. As a full spectrum channel, she is able to transmit messages from guides, angels, masters and other "helpers" from the spiritual realms. In personal sessions, she is able to bring through these "invisible life coaches", as they reveal their roles, identity, intention, and advocation.

For groups, or during her Crystal Clear Expressions Channeling Evening, Nanci Rose channels messages from spirit of significance to those assembled. She often channels Narana, who serves as the voice and the master of ceremonies. Narana synthesizes the input from the spiritual hierarchy into a universal message that will resonate personally with each in attendance. The channeled information may be topical or prophetic, prosaic or poetic. Wisdom and humor, analogy and metaphor serve to emphasize and exemplify the messages to deeper meaning.

Each Channeling Evening is its own journey, but begins with a silent meditation to quiet the mind and align vibrations. The channeled portion may include discourse, as well as guided visualizations that shift energies to a more peaceful place, gently promoting growth and awareness. Brief individual messages may come through at the end of the evening. Participants leave relaxed, informed, uplifted and transformed!


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