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Since childhood, Nanci Rose Gerler has had many psychic and paranormal experiences. Like many psychic children, there was no belief or understanding for her gifts. Finding no support for her perceptions, she suppressed her abilities as she tried to be "normal" and fit in. It is only in recent years that she discovered that female relatives on both sides of her family were highly intuitive, especially in dreamstate. Nanci Rose is grateful to have received the genetic motherlode.

Nanci Rose was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a progressive academic community where both of her parents were employed by the University of Michigan. Her father, Dr. William Gerler was a professor of clinical psychology. As chairman of the PhD program, he brought the graduate program to its highest national ranking. As a humanist and humanitarian, Nanci Rose credits her father as a role model and mentor, leading to her interest in the counseling profession. She received her dgree in psychology and art history from the University of Michigan, with the intention to follow in her father's footsteps.

Disillusioned with the prevailing therapeutic disciplines available at that time, Nanci Rose embarked on a path of exploration into alternative approaches. She has taken a wide range of classes, workshops and seminars focusing on personal growth and transformation, holistic health and energetic healing, and spirituality and consciousness.

Nanci Rose segued into various careers which provided a rich background to address clients workplace and business concerns. She worked in marketing for a concert promoter, fulfilling a love for music. She utilized her psychology degree as an interviewer and researcher of TYPE A/B personalityat Eastern Michigan University. As a college recruiter, she addressed 10,000 high school students annually, lecturing on upcoming career trends and their educational requirements. This background assists her in advising clients on appropriate academic and professional pursuits, which has led to many rewarding careers.

Nanci Rose was guided to her true calling when a series of personal tragedies forced her attention inward and upward. Looking for answers, she sought out the guidance of a local psychic, who became her teacher, re-awakening her to her innate talents. She received Reiki I and II, empowering her to do energetic healing. She began giving readings to friends and acquaintances, who urged her to go public with her psychic work. Thus Crystal Clear Expressions was created.

Another tragedy brought unexpected gifts, when the untimely passing of her brother-in-law and his subsequent visitations opened her as a medium for spirit communication. As she continued on her personal path of spiritual development, her channeling abilities emerged expanding her access and transmission of the wisdom from higher dimensions.

As she took her abilities to the public, Nanci Rose did readings in a variety of venues, from coffee houses and cafes, to holistic fairs and metaphysical festivals. Her monthly channeling evenings attracted a following. In 1998 she acquired an office in the lovely Nickels Arcade, her favorite building since childhood.

Nanci Rose has been interviewed for numerous publications, and has appeared on radio and television. She has been a featured speaker at major metaphysical festivals, lectured to university classes in alternative healing and spirituality, and addressed grief groups sharing her experiences as a medium. For years, she was a featured practitioner on The Inner Voyage, a week long seminar at sea  with renowned authors and teachers in the arenas of mind, body and spirit sponsored by New Age magazine.

A near death experience occurred during a severe car accident in 2004, which threatened to derail her career due to injury and extreme adverse reactions to medications. Grateful for the divine intervention that saved her life, after a protracted recovery Nanci Rose found her abilities ultimately enhanced and expanded. Even these traumatic circumstances illustrated the aphorisism that "everything happens for a reason." Two years later, her beloved mother, Ruth Gerler, fell and broke both legs, requiring surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation. Persistant mental confusion threatened her return to her home and independent life. Nanci Rose recognized the synchronicity in both events, and identified her mothers similar intolerance for certain medications. She dedicated herself to her mothers full recovery and return to normal life.

Like many wounded healers, who learn from their own experiences to help others, Nanci Rose has seen her share of trauma and tragedy, calamity and catastrophe. These diverse experiences in the grand game of life serve as an experiential base of empathic intuition for her work. Like the Phoenix, she has arisen over adversity each time, gaining wisdom and strength. She used each experience as a "college of knowledge," and encourages her clients to do the same, helping them gain maximum value from their life lessons.

A world traveler to power spots and sacred spaces around the globe, Nanci Rose has been open to spirit wherever it takes her. She has packed many experiences in her years, as if living many lifetimes in one. It enables her to relate and respond to clients' situations - combining practical experience with intuitive guidance.

Nanci Rose now quips that she "took her psych degree to a different degree!" She feels she has been blessed with the most fascinating profession in the world. She is grateful to serve in a unique capacity as a conduit to higher wisdom and as a positive influence of caring, compassion and love.


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