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"I feel truly blessed in having the
most fascinating profession in
the world.
It brings wonderful
people from
all walks
of life with whom
I am able to
share my gifts
in an atmosphere
of growth, empowerment and understanding.
I am a messenger
of love, light and
healing, here
to serve
your highest good."

Nanci Rose Gerler


Best Psychic Directory - Nanci Rose Gerler, MI, USA


Update for a Michigan Psychic - 10.16.15:
Due to Nanci Rose's electromagnetic sensitivities she has moved to west Ann Arbor, MI. To setup a phone reading, please call her at 800.996.8799. She returns calls quickly and looks forward to speaking to you personally.



Nanci Rose Gerler is a professional intuitive counselor whose mission is to help others gain understanding and insight to optimize their life path and purpose.

˜  Through the modalities of psychic, channel, medium, and energy

healer, she uses her intuitive skills and abilities to see beyond ordinary reality, and guide her clients to a more enlivened existence.

˜  As a full spectrum psychic, she possesses multi sentient abilities

that allow her to address any situation with accurate information and wise advocation.

˜  While other intuitives may paint the picture in broad strokes, offering

ambiguity and generalities, she is a pointillist, who precisely illustrates and illuminates the unseen and unknown.

˜  She is able to discern pathways and their potential outcomes,

enabling clients to make appropriate choices for optimal results.

˜  As a psychic medium, Nanci Rose is able to initiate contact and

communication with departed loved ones in spirit, reuniting hearts and souls across the dimensions.

˜  Nanci Rose is a conscious channel, fully aware as she brings forth

through inspiring messages from guides, angels and masters, and other wise ones from the realms of spirit.

˜  She has over 22 years of experience in assisting her clients gain

perspective and direction to confidently move forward through life’s challenges and opportunities.

˜  Intelligent, insightful and articulate, she creates a comfortable

connection in an atmosphere of loving support.

˜  She combines the esoteric and the ethereal with practical, positive


She has guided thousands of clients to happier more satisfying personal, professional and spiritual lives.


Let Nanci Rose Light Your Way!



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Updated: 01.31.2011